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Training methods and aim

To be a good tennis player you must learn tennis principles and than establish them by regular repeating. This process is provided at our camps where all learning courses will be organised in small groups and led by experienced, qualified and first-class tennis trainers according to age and playing level of participants. We would be delighted if you acquire not only sport experiences and skillness but receive a lot of agreable personal experiences at our tennis camps. We will try to help you to make new and right appeals for your tennis training - that´s our goal at the tennis camp.



To acquire the basic skills for the game. To master the CORRECT movements and turn them into dynamic stereotypes. To get familiar with the rules of tennis game.

- The basic strokes learning and development
- Drilling the strokes and bringing them into the real game
- Eye - ball coordination development
- Footwork exercises
- And more



To improve all the strokes. To boost the strenghts and to minimize the weaknesses. To enrich the stroke potential by special strokes such as drop-shot, topspin or slice. To improve the tactical and psychological component of the game.

- Coached on court hitting sessions in groups
- Drills and rallies both with the coach and with the partner
- Doubles and singles mock matches
- Serving practise with emphases on variety and accuracy
- And more



To embed improved strokes and bring them into the active stroke potential of the game. To automatize building the game on the strong stroke.

- Technique and tactic combined in one unity
- Rare strokes drills e.g. return chip, kick serve, serv or return and volley
- Rallies and match situations
- Life style, nutrition, liquid supply regime, psychology of successful player Fitness
- Outdoors: running-sprint,long distance , hand-eye co-ordination games, stretching,development of agility, stamina, quickness, strenght,flexibilty,endurance gymnastic, acrobaticsm , aerobic

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